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I think that's all? ENJOY THE BLOG! :)
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Epic fail and NaNo update

I just realized, after dunno how many years, that I had as the title of my journal "kuroski_ami" instead of "kurosaki". Kuroski sounds vaguely russian, while I adopted Kurosaki from Japanese.

In other, more interesting (?) news, I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year, and so far so good. I'm about to break the 20k mark and it's day 8, which is...really impressive, for me. My characters keep on surprising me, and the plot is coming around (I'm plansting and I barely had an idea of what I wanted my story to go). I'm very impressed with myself, if nothing else. And having fun. That's the most important thing.
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It's been 84 years...

...or not. Maybe just around one. But still, I don't really use livejournal so it's valid (?

What am I doing here? I found a community and well, I wanted to play :'D So I decided to make a post updating my status here.

You can definitely find me on AO3, Tumblr or Dreamwidth, though! (For interaction, Tumblr is probably the best option.)
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Thoughts and Thingies

Uh, so. I haven't been around here much. I don't think fandom is really alive in this platform, but well, right now the Tumblr Ban is starting/will start? and heck yeah we're so many boycotting users.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to rant a bit, as I cannot find a fic to read. Not that there aren't any, because there are so many fics available that it's honestly mind-boggling and amazing, but... I can't find one that checks all the squares in my wishlist right now. I'm feeling picky, even though I'm not exactly sure what it is that I want to read. Huh.

Okay, that was that.